Monday, June 8, 2009

The best laugh in the world

Dear Little One,
Despite your dad's and my best efforts to make you laugh a big belly laugh, the one thing in the world that makes you sublimely happy is Doobie. Yes, that tubby furball just does it for you. Yesterday we had some crazy weather in the neighborhood, which left us with several inches of hail. I knew Doobie loved snowballs, so I thought I would check to see if he liked hail. Here is what followed:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer is here!

Dear Little One,
It was time for your first swimming experience. We knew you would love it because of how much you love the bathtub. We picked up your favorite cousin Henry and loaded you guys into the car to take you to GiGi's pool. We had such a great time!

First Sippy Cup

Dear Little One,
I know that one day you are going to ask why I published every tiny milestone on your blog, but I did it for you to see how much fun you are, but also for your family in South Africa to see. I want them to feel that they are a part of your life. So... without further ado, the next tiny milestone- the sippy cup!

First Cracker

Oh what a mess! Today we gave you your first biter biscuit and you LOVED it! You gummed on it forever, then you wiped it on the carpet, wiped it in your hair... I even found some in your ear when I bathed you later on. It did keep the screaming for fun down to a minimum for awhile.

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

Get ready because there are milestones coming by the minute here!

Dear Little One,

It seems as though you have found your voice! I don't know what is more amusing, your screaming or the expression on your face as yu try your very best to make it as loud as possible.