Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Dear Little One,

It obvious you are bored stiff with lying on your back and that combined with my incessant worrying about your flat head has pushed me over the edge! You need exercise... you need fun... you need an EXERSAUCER! Yes, my friends. This is the cadillac of exersaucers. The seat rotates (which took you all of two seconds to figure out) and every darn little toy on there makes an obnoxious sound. I put you in there and it was immediate sensory overload! You did not know where to look or what to play with first. The cacophony of sounds coming out of there made my stomach hurt. But boy, howdy! You loved that exersaucer! You have been playing in it for a week or so now and it cracks me up. You are all about that toy for about 15 minutes, and then it is just too much. Overstimulation is putting it lightly.

P.S. Daddy keeps eyeing your toy corner warily as it is growing by the day! =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Eskimo Kisses

After a nice long weekend, I was bound and determined to get you and I out of the house for a walk. But when I woke up this morning, it was COLD! I went back and forth a few times, but decided that you and I are in desperate need of some fresh air and come hell or high water, we were going out there. So... the layering starts.
I left your jammies on (no need to put new cold clothes on)
I then layered on another fleece onesie
I tried on a few hats until one covered your ears and most of your face.
How about some little mittens?

Into the stroller you go.
Add a blanket
Cover with waterproof, windproof, coldproof, any kind of weather proof fly and you are good to go!

You promptly fell asleep while your momma lumbered around the school track a few times with a fat Doobers in hot pursuit.

Maybe cold days are not so bad after all!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blue Jean Baby

I got a total reality check this weekend when I realized you could fit into your first pair of jeans. A woman is not a woman without a great pair of jeans and you can finally fit into them- SCARY! You are growing up way to fast! Soon I am going to be telling you that you are not leaving the house in those jeans. It is going way too fast! Will you slow down just a little bit?

Oh well, at least you look darn cute in those jeans!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where is the time going?

I can't believe I have been back at work for five weeks now. It is still hard to leave everyday, but I know that you are in great hands! We have a great morning routine. Everyday, I wake up, shower and get ready. By then, you are starting to wake up. When I go in your room to let you out of your "burrito" (your swaddler), you stretch like you have had your arms tied up for weeks. From the second you wake up, you have the most beautiful smile on your face. How could I possibly have a bad day when they start out like this? We get you up, feed you, dress you, and do your hair (you have to have a matching barrette for your hair everyday!). Then Ouma comes over and I leave for work.
Daddy usually gets home before me, so you get to have some quality time with him before I get home and snatch you back up!
You are three months now and getting SO big. Just last week, you started grabbing for things. Last night, I watched you wiggle your way to the edge of your swing. We are going to have to watch you closely now!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bath time is so much fun

My favorite part of the day is bath time. Every night around 7, I give you a bath. You love lying in the water. You love it so much that in the last few weeks, you have been falling asleep in the tub almost every night! A few nights ago, you were so fast asleep, that I caught you snoring. Of course, I broke out the video camera to get it on tape. I am sure you will look back in 13 years and be mortally embarrassed that I taped you naked in the bathtub, but these are my most favorite moments. I love you so much Mar-bear!